Gear Shaft

Gear Shaft
# Product Code: Product Name Req'd Price:
1 41005-E12-100 FORK, gear shift No.3
2 41000-E12-100 FORK, gear shift No.1
3 41020-E12-100 SHAFT, gear shift fork No.2
4 41042-E12-102 SHAFT, gear shift
5 41030-E12-100 Shift drum
6 41000-E12-110 FORK, gear shift No.2
7 41035-E12-101 PLATE COMP, gear shift cam
8 97220-E12-100 SPRING, gear shift fork No.1 r
9 41031-E12-100 Bolt, Shift drum
10 83120-E12-100 RETAIN,COUNT SHA
11 95100-16005C3-1 BEARING, gear shift cam R
12 96100-102006-1 SEAL, gear shift fork No.1 oil
13 91740-06012Z SCREW, connecter oil pipe
14 95200-HK2512-2 bearing, Needle
15 97221-E12-100 SPRING, gear shift shift conta
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